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All Star Auto Tinting Services

Auto Window Tint Installation in Houston, Texas

Our team at All Star Auto Tinting is proud to offer residents of Houston and neighboring cities with our unsurpassable results on car window tint. Whether you have a car, truck or SUV we have the tools and equipment to provide you with incredible results. Our team of auto glass professionals offer flawless results on window tint, and prices that can’t be beat. With over 25 years of experience in business we guarantee to provide you with window film, free from bubbles or jagged edges.

We utilize our digital cutting system that takes away the process of by-hand cutting. This equipment will provide you vehicle's windows with a flawless result, incomparable to our competitors. Our outstanding window tint will provide you with up to 63% of protection against the sun's heat. By state regulations, our darkest shade that we offer is 30%. It is important after your window tint installation to keep your windows rolled up for 2- 3 days to allow your film to dry and settle properly. Speak with us today at (281) 306-0039 and schedule your next auto glass tinting service.