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Tint FAQ

If you are a vehicle owner who is unsure of receiving your very own window tint, allow our team to provide you with the answer you seek. At All Star Auto Tinting we offer clients with over 21 years of experience in the industry and ensure to provide you with the most incredible results. Our superior equipment in addition to our skill and knowledge, we guarantee to provide you with the best solutions. With the use of our digital cutting system you can expect to receive flawless, jagged free window film on your vehicles window.

Each of our technicians is highly qualified to provide you with incredible results. Our team offer shades that meet state regulation standards, up to 30% shade of darkness. This offers vehicle owners with many years of dependable use. Allow our team to provide you with window tint that will protect you from harmful UV-rays, and safety in the event of a collision. Speak with us today at (281) 306-0039 and one of our friendly associates will be glad to assist you.

How Strong Is Tint?

Our durable window tint is capable of holding your glass together in large pieces, in the event of a collision or vandalism. While auto tint is not indestructible, it is a durable polyester film that has a scratch resistant surface. Our durable llumar widow tint will provide you with a strong durable hold against your vehicles window.

How Long Does Tint Last?

With the use of our high quality, polyester window tint you can expect to receive many years of flawless results. With proper care free from damage or destruction, our window tint can last as long as it is cared for! We also offer 3-year to lifetime-warranty's on all of our labor, material and workmanship!

How Do I Get Tint?

By speaking with one of our friendly associates you can schedule your appointment right away. We are available Monday- Saturday, 9:00am- 5:00pm for your convenience. Depending on the amount of tint you request, you can drop your vehicle off at our center and pick it up as soon as it is ready!

How Does Tint Help?

There are many beneficial factors to receiving auto tint on your vehicle. One of the most important advantages of auto tint is protecting you and other passengers from overexposure to UV-rays. You can also prevent fading and cracking of your vehicle's interior, prolonging its appearance and value for many years.

How Dark Can My Tint Be?

We work in regulation to Texas state laws on vehicle tint installations. The maximum shade that we can provide your automobile is 30% darkness. However, this shade can block up to 63% of the sun’s heat, and 99% of the sun’s invisible ultraviolet light! 

What Do I Do With My Old Tint

Our team at All Star Auto Tinting is proud to offer you with tint removal services for a small additional cost to your tint installation. With our tools and experience, we can remove your vehicle's old tint with ease and efficiency. We are guaranteed to provide you with tint removal free from damage to your existing auto glass.

What Is Window Tint?

The top quality window tint that we use is a polyester film. This is applied to the inside of your auto glass, and can offer many beneficial factors. There are various shades of tint that you can apply to your vehicle according to your preference, we provide up to 30% shade darkness to meet your needs.


Unlike many of our competitors we are proud to supply each of our clients with an incredible warranty. Our various warranties offer clients with options to meet specific inquiries. We can provide you with anywhere from a 3-year to a lifetime-warranty to meet your exact needs.

After Installation Tint Care Tips

It is important after receiving your auto tint installations, to take extra precautions to ensure its bond with your window. You must refrain from rolling down your windows for up to 3 days to avoid bubbling, tearing or jagged edges. Allow your window tint to dry and hold properly with ensure many years of dependable use.